A Letter

Letter from Miep Gies, written in 1988 (scanned from original).

Somewhere I learned that readers can write to authors in care of their publishers. I was 16 when I read Anne Frank Remembered, co-authored by Miep Gies, one of several people who helped try to save Anne Frank. Inside the cover was an address for the New York publishing office and I sent off a letter.

I did not expect a reply. I was content to have made contact with Mrs. Gies. I told her that I had read her book and the diary. I no longer have a copy of my letter, but I do remember expressing that if Anne had not died, maybe the world would not have her diary. That was my teenage old logic.

I was shocked when a crisp, cream-colored envelope from The Netherlands arrived in our suburban mailbox several months later. Next to the blue and white airmail sticker were three postage stamps, one of them with Anne’s smiling face. No one in my family ever received foreign mail.

“But God planned not for the dead of Anne, the people did this, remember that,” Mrs. Gies wrote.

Mrs. Gies lived to be one hundred years old. She passed way in January, 2010.

  • The official website of Miep Gies.
  • Anne Frank Remembered (1988) by Miep Gies and Alison Leslie Gold. Simon & Schuster.

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