Ben and Kate, you were the first people who spoke my language, the first to understand, and encourage me to follow what was inside. Like Ubuntu, I am what I am because you are who you are.

Survivors, you have changed my life, and my world. Thank you for trusting me and helping me understand. I will carry you with me always.

Laura, my brilliant writing partner. Thank you for meeting me, helping me stretch and always listening from a present place. Who knew that our separate efforts for social change would converge in Berlin in 2009?! Congratulations on your inspiring memoir, A Strange Place Called Home.

Special thanks to Betsy, for your compassionate reading of the manuscript and generous support on our kindred paths; to Klaus and Anne, for taking my questions seriously, welcoming me in Dachau, and offering emotional and logistical support; to Michael, who never cared that I’m not Jewish, answered endless questions about Israel and whose caring conversations remind me of who I am; to Brendan, a trusted and knowledgeable guide, who encouraged me to write and publish, and gave me a job when I urgently needed one; to the Johnny Depp Society and Tania for jump-starting my memoir; to David who offered the first cash donation when I took a risk to ask friends to support my work financially and gave valuable blog feedback; to everyone who said, “Keep writing!”; to Amy, whose support I never take for granted and who surprised me when she said that I live an authentic life; to Barbara, who has sent love and light across the miles for so many years.

My friends and family, thank you for the monetary contributions you made in 2003 when I was preparing to return to Dachau that spring. Your help made this work and writing possible.

Finally, to everyone at the International Youth Meeting (past and present) — keep up the good work!

I could not have done this alone. Thank you.