Walk to the memorial

There was a time when the town of Dachau did all it could to deter visitors from coming to see the memorial. Limited public transportation and absence of affordable accommodation, for example, were strategies. However, much of that has changed due to grass roots efforts that challenged the political landscape and now, the town is relatively transparent about its past.

There are more resources than ever for the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, including the Path of Remembrance. This is a guided walk (or bicycle ride) from the train station to the memorial that follows a series of informational panels (in German and English) that document the path of the prisoners (allow 45 minutes).

  • From the train platforms, go downstairs and exit left through the tunnel.
  • Straight ahead, you will see the first panel.
  • Busses and taxis will be on your left.

Path of Remembrance: first panel at train station (2010).

  • Keep walking straight, towards the main street (Frühlingstraße) and turn right onto a bicycle/pedestrian path.
  • Cross at the next street and go under the bridge.
  • Turn left at the next street (Friedenstraße).

Path of Remembrance: panel 2 (2010).

Follow the path along Friedenstraße to JFK Platz.

Friedenstraße path towards JFK Platz and memorial (2010).

John-F-Kennedy Platz (2010).

The next panels takes you along the edge of the former SS training school.

Former SS training school buildings are now used by Bavarian police and closed to the public (2010).

Towards the end of these buildings, a new path emerges; kindergarten on your right.

New path with former SS grounds on left and kindergarten on right (2010).

The path changes to older asphalt as you approach the entrance to the memorial.

Path approaching the memorial entrance (2010).

On your left, you will notice the site of the original camp buildings, now renovated and also used by the Bavarian police.

Site of World War I era buildings (2010).

Visitor center is just up ahead on your right.

Visitor center with audio guides, gift shop, cafeteria and toilets (2010).

Walk to the left and you will see the Arbeit Macht Frei gate.

The main entrance and exit to the memorial/former camp (2010).